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Founded in 1988 by Peter Goldie, Ph.D., with the explicit mission of bringing basic research journals to the desktop computer, Lightbinders is the leader in production of scholarly publications on CD-ROM. Lightbinders publishes independent multimedia CD-ROM and online titles and produces CD-ROM and Internet titles for other publishers. We were the first company to produce complete research journals on disc, beginning with The Journal of Biological Chemistry. The annual printed version of JBC contains about 35,000 pages and over 40,000 illustrations.

We also produced The Protein Science CD-ROMs, containing the complete print and electronic journal publication, The Brookhaven Protein Data Bank of over 1,000 protein coordinates, The PIR Database of over 75,000 protein sequences, the Kinemage 3-D molecular modeling programs for both MAC and PC-Windows, and more---on a single disc. The Protein Science CD-ROM employed the latest interface technologies to integrate seamlessly the databases and journal articles with the interactive 3-D molecular models.

Lightbinders is also the publisher of DARWIN, the first electronic publication of the collected works of Charles Darwin. Recommended for pleasure and education, for family entertainment or scholarly research, this CD-ROM is suitable for all ages. Includes the complete text and original illustration of Darwin's "The Voyage of the Beagle", "Origin of Species", and "The Descent of Man"; the seminal monograph published by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace in 1858; Michael T. Ghiselin's award winning book "Triumph of the Darwinian Method"; all in addition to the first re-publication since the 1800's of the original specimens collected by Darwin, the five volume set "Zoology of the Voyage of the Beagle." With contributions by distinguished naturalists, librarians, and scholars from throughout the nation, DARWIN brings together natural sound recordings, original maps from the surveying voyages of the HMS Beagle and the HMS Adventure, over 650 illustrations, and much much more.

These titles, and many more, illustrate Lightbinders' commitment to the highest quality content on CD-ROM. In 1994, we began producing 3 platform CD-ROMs, which will enable users of Apple MACs, PC/Windows and Unix workstations to access our integrated multimedia titles. All production since 1993 has employed SGML text formatting and TeX math encoding.

Our interest in electronic dissemination of the pure sciences now extends beyond CD-ROM to Internet Publishing. Lightbinders can provide you with the highest quality online presentation of your scholarly journal, within a secure, revenue-generating system, while maintaining control at your location! We will also show you how to improve electronic manuscript submission and establish online editing and review.

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